Benubird PDF

Benubird PDF

Document organizer with support for tags and collections


  • Support for many different formats
  • Includes document preview
  • Ability to convert files to PDF
  • Nicely designed interface


  • Conversion to PDF is not visible at first sight


Benubird PDF is a complete management tool for all sorts of documents, from simple TXT notes to complex Excel spreadsheets.

In a way, Benubird PDF could be defined as iTunes for documents. It helps you organize your documents according to type, collection or tag, so that you can have them all together under a single interface – even if they’re scattered all over your hard drive.

Using Benubird PDF is really simple. First you need to import documents, either as separate files, from a folder or extracting them from a zipped archive. Benubird PDF will then display your collection, with several filtering criteria available in the left sidebar.

Benubird PDF can read the document’s metadata, but you can also add your own personal tags. Other interesting features are the ability to convert documents to PDF (from the file’s context menu) or share them by email.

Benubird PDF gives you an easier, more effective way to organize your documents.

Benubird PDF supports the following formats

More than 80 document formats (Office, OpenOffice, images, videos, zipped files)

Benubird PDF


Benubird PDF

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